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              We’re the pioneer of SiC semiconductor industry of Asia-Pacific Region

              TankeBlue Semiconductor Co. Ltd., founded in Sep, 2006, is a new high tech. enterprise, which is devoted to the R&D, manufacture and sales of semiconductor SiC wafers all around the world.
              Relying on the research progresses accumulated over ten years in SiC crystal growth & wafer processing by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, TankeBlue converges the advantages with respect to technique, management, market and funds.

              One of the main SiC monocrystal wafers supplier in the world

              TankeBlue gains the great financial support from The National Natural Science Fund, CAS, Ministry of Science and Technology and ect.
              TankeBlue owns the independent intellectual property rights’ SiC crystal growth equipment, crystal growth and processing technology, and establishes whole production lines.
              TankeBlue’s mission is to promote the rapid development of new generation wide-band-gap semiconductor-based industry in China.

              • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
              • National New High Tech Enterprise, Zhongguancun New High Tech Enterprise
              • Material branch Member of National semiconductor equipment and material standardization technical committee (SAC/TC203/SC2)
              • Standardization pilot demonstration unit of Zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone
              • The President unit of Innovation Association of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology
              • Beijing municipal enterprise technology research and development institutions
              • Patent Pilot Unit of Beijing
              • Proprietary SiC crystal growing furnace, applying innovative technology to fulfill the proper temperature field for SiC crystal growing.
              • Proprietary technology of SiC crystal growing: Optimized temperature, temperature grads; accurate control and adjusting of growing temperature, flux of gas carrier, and air pressure; special disposal of seed crystal and raw material.
              • Proprietary technology of SiC wafer processing: Select proper processing equipments for SiC crystal cutting, wafer milling and polishing (CMP) with selective abrasive of proper species, granularity and gradation.
              • 100-class cleaning room for SiC wafer surface treatment, cleaning, packaging to make our wafer s reach “epi-ready” standard.
              • Applying for 25 invention patents ( including 3 international patents ) with 22 patents authorized ( including 2 international patents ). Three national standards drafted by Tankeblue and Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science have been issued and carried out since Tankeblue takes an active part in SiC industry standardization work.
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              Tel: +86-010-59944178
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